1920’s Quilt Finished for Mom for Birthday May 2017


My Mom has asked me to finish a few quilts started by her grandmother (my great grandmother), her Dad’s mom.  This is the first of those quilts that I worked on.  I can’t tell you how nervous I was to work on this.  Nearly 100 years old, some of the material had started to fray of course.  Such beautiful workmanship, everything so perfect, I kept praying and and asking for guidance to make sure I did this beautiful quilt justice.  As you can see there are so many colors.  If you look closely at the material I was pretty sure this was definitely a scrap quilt.  In fact mom thought she remembered a few of the designs as a dress that Carrie would have made and worn.  I had to try to find a coordinating fabric that would match and be in style with the 1920’s.  The picture looks a little bright but it is actually closer to a darker blue with navy flowers.  I purchased it from Fabric.com, it was sold as “backing” material and came 108” wide. Needless to say at this point I have a lot left over, but I used it as backing and binding to keep it simple and bring out her work, not mine.  I picked a quilting design I thought she would have done since there wasn’t a lot of professional quilters back then, I believe.  Simple but with a little different design than just squares.  I picked a label from the selection of labels I got from a bi-annual quilting show I went to in February of 2015.  I believe it is the most “antique” look one I had. It reads: Started 1920’s (my great grandmother’s name), Finished 2017 (my name).   I know quilts are only as old as the newest fabric on them, which brings the market value down tremendously, but, I truly hope I did it justice and the family value is still priceless.