2 Year Old’s Toddler Quilt

Yes, I have to say it. This is my favorite quilt so far.  My youngest daughter’s favorite Disney Movie is Beauty and the Beast. Over the years I have lost count as to how many times we watched it between both of my girls loving this movie. When I saw this panel on fabric.com my daughter no longer had any say as to what the theme of my granddaughter’s bedroom quilt would be. I loved it! Well, except for the yellow band around it. I know, I know, yellow is Belle’s signature color but…REALLY.  Yuk! I knew that had to go straight away, and so it began.

The next challenge was the border. I deliberated for several weeks as to what I should do for a border. I really strive to figure out different, unique borders for all the quilts I sew with panels. I found this picture on pinterest and knew at once this was the border I was searching for. It looked like stained glass just like the panel!!  Now I just had to figure out how I was going make the pattern and put it all together.

That UGLY yello must go!

Luckily over at craftsy.com they offer hundreds of free patterns and I just happened to have downloaded a table runner with this exact pattern (which without the black looks nothing like a stained glass window.) I quickly tried it out and thought the colors blended perfectly.

I later found a nice bundle of fat quarters at Hobby Lobby with just the right shades and tints to blend with my main background fabric also purchased online from fabric.com.  

I cut out individual pictures from my background fabric and made sure they would be right side up when partnered with the side they were going to be sewn on. I made an extra effort to start with a corresponding color at the top so that each started with a different color fabric.

The border that would be sewn in between was my next challenge. I had to find a fabric that would blend, but not stand out too much. It was one of those crazy coincidences, I had the fabric in my stash!!  When my youngest daughter moved into her first apartment we went shopping for the perfect material to make her some boho curtains(maybe link) in her living room. Cut narrow and long enough to puddle on to the floor the jewel tones were just to her liking. She of course picked a very expensive Batik pattern (link) and I made them for her several years ago. They were beautiful and fit her style completely. A short time later her now husband came into the picture, he really didn’t get the “concept” and with the new puppies running about they were replace with new treatments. I quickly asked for the curtains back since I was the one who spent $$$ on them. Long story short, (I know too late right?) that is what I used for the borders. I think it turned out beautifully and I was able to re-purpose that beautiful material. I gave the completed toddler quilt to my granddaughter on her 2nd birthday. Now, every time she sees it she says “ooooo pretty” .  For me that’s what it is all about. It brings me a sense of great satisfaction when a project comes together and is appreciated by the recipient. “ooooo pretty” that’s all I need.