When my daughter told me her best friend from school was pregnant I knew I had to do something for her.  She was told just a couple years earlier that she wouldn’t be able to have children. I had just discovered Fabric.com.  She has always been very much into horses; racing, barrel racing, loving, etc.  I wanted to find something that was very girly yet spoke to her.  This is a flannel quilt with a silk binding.  I kept the design of the squares simple although it took me a couple of days to figure out what I wanted.  For a quilt it is sorta small but I wanted the little bugger to be able to carry it around when she got older.  The quilting design I chose are Xs on each square.  I chose this because I thought it looked like barn doors.  I also sent her 3 burp rags (pattern came from a burp rag that Mom had used on us given to her as a gift) with 2 of them baring a “B” for the first name of the beautiful baby to come.  Although I never heard from her, my daughter said she really liked it.  I hope so.  I have always thought she was so sweet and it broke my heart when we didn’t think she could share her love with a little one.  I’m so glad that was not the case and God Blessed her as she deserves.