Baby Quilt

 I bought this material before my daughter knew what sex the baby was.  I fell in love with the bees.  Odd I know but I did.  I found the material at Hobby Lobby in Fort Myers, Fl  and went ahead and picked up the orange and white.  I also picked out the pick chevron and and additional blue design material in case it was in fact a boy.  The quilt pattern I found on and downloaded it. I finished the design pretty quickly, even with all the help I received.  I went on to see what I could find for a backing.  I searched for “bees”  just to see what would come up.  The first thing that came up was the yellow I had fell in love with at Hobby Lobby.  I guess it was popular.  Then down a few rows there was this bright floral digital print.  I was curious why that came up so I clicked and blew it up.  There were bees on the flowers!!!!!!   Oh my goodness.  This couldn’t be more perfect!!!!!  Got it! I started quilting the quilt & I knew how I wanted to quilt it.  I had had a lot of time to think about it.  I wanted to do the swirls to make it look like bees flying.  It wasn’t easy spinning the quilt in my little machine but I got it. I think it looks pretty good.