Halloween Quilt and Cross Stitch Witch

halloween quilt 2
halloween quilt and stitch

I finally have it done!  I crossed stitch the Stoney Creek witch and 3 separate squares(Cat/Moon, Witch’s hat, Black Bird/Pumpkin) back in 2015.  I have been busy with grand-kid items.  Quilts, clothes, cross stitch creations, etc.  I was waiting for my grand son’s material to come for his dragon quilt that I decided “I am going to do something for my husband and I”!  Sometimes I really don’t understand my own process.  My daughter made a nice comment after I was finished “ You start off with a pile of material that I don’t think works together at all and you do your magic and it always turns out beautifully.”  I couldn’t have received a higher complement.  I don’t know either.  I have read, some, about picking out material. 

Halloween quilt
Halloween witch 2

I have never agreed with them, sorry. It sounds very melodramatic, but I wait for the material to speak to me.  If nothing speaks, then I do nothing because I know it will come.  I just have to be patient.  If I try to pressure it or rush it it never works out and I am not happy.  But enough of that…


I have been collecting fabric for this project for more than 5 years.  As I laid out the cross stitch squares I concentrated on the designs.  Cat, pumpkin, hat.  I didn’t have any witch material but I like the green band around the hat.  I had purple cats, grey owls with green eyes, and pumpkin material. I like the idea of keeping theme with the designs on the cross stitch.  I wish I would have a witch material but oh well.  I think the owls work.  It always takes me the longest time to pick a quilt square.  Literally 3 hours of looking at quilt squares, narrowing them down, and envisioning the outcome.  I love these squares.  I tried to quilt something that resembled cobwebs.  I don’t have a long arm, I am not very good, yet, at free-hand and I didn’t want to hand stitch.  This quilting technique was actually one of the easier ones that I have done.  


I am anxious to get a frame for my Halloween witch.  I have loved her since she was finished in 2015.  The swirls in her cape and the fancy bead at the end of her hat.  The flowing ribbon on her staff.  So many details that are so lovely, not frightening. Even the moon is extraordinary.  


Halloween has never been my favorite holiday.  You buy candy to feed either your kid or other people’s kids to gorge and get sick on.  But you can’t buy it too early or you will gorge yourself into a coma.  You can’t buy it too late or only apples and oranges are left & then you are just looking for trouble from the 8 year old who has a great pitching arm.  I know it is supposed to be fun so here is my fun.  My lovely witch and her quilt to keep her comfy on the chilly autumn night. ( I have pillows that match as well, will add picture later)