My Grandson’s 5th Birthday Quilt

This was the absolute craziest thing I have ever done!!  As a whole I try to plan and be as organized as possible.  This time, though, I went with my heart strings.

Back in January, 2020 I purchased quilt panels for all my grand kids to make quilts for them over the next year.  Then in April we decided to move to Georgia.  That kinda put a cramp in my sewing plan, considering my youngest grandson’s birthday falls in June.  Trying to figure out the timing I decided to plan all the quilts to be done for Christmas 2020.  Still trying to get everything unpacked and put away I got distracted in pairing up my stash with the panels.  I couldn’t help myself.

Axel BBall Quilt edited

 I decided I could not wait to give him his quilt.  Problem; his birthday party is Wednesday at 3:00PM…it’s Sunday!    I was determined to get it done.  I set away immediately.  I hadn’t even decided on the block I was going to use.  He had just gotten a big boy bed so I had to go measure that (without him noticing)  No luck and my granddaughter actually helped!

I started sewing Sunday after lunch and sewed, literally, all the way up to the party.  I believe I officially finished at 2:45PM on Wednesday.  I did get about 6 hours of sleep during those 4 days.  

It was completely worth it.  His reaction was, of course, a total 5 year old boy response; “That’s cool”!  But that night he dragged out his twin size quilt to the rocking chair to be rocked asleep with his new quilt.  Like I said, Completely worth it!!