Oven Mitts and Hot Pads…


2016 is when I first started dabbling in quilting.  It took me a loooonnnggg time to jump in with both feet considering I started sewing Barbie Doll clothes at age 5.  I’m over 45 now.  That’s all I am saying.  Needless to say the first thing I decided to make my family was hot pads.  I found the pattern on craftsy.com and thought I would start there.  It was call “Easy Pocket Potholder Tutorial” and “Extra Long Oven Mitt”.  I made 3 for each household plus a pair of oven mitts.  Some of the fabric I purchased specifically for them from fabric.com and some was in my stash.  My youngest always said she wanted to go to Paris so that is what I focused on when finding her just the right material and also the color palette. She wanted to have Tiffany blue or teal in her kitchen so this worked out perfectly.  The quilt pattern was actually the pattern on the potholder tutorial.  

My oldest daughter on the other hand loves Sunflowers.  She wanted her  kitchen to be sunflowers with navy.  When I visited fabric.com I had found a new line called Van Gogh.  Sunflowers, writing, and all varieties of fall colors including navy.  I pretty much bought a yard of each fabric.   She is a published writer so even the writing fabric fit with her and her personality.  I went through craftsy.com and some of the quilt blocks that they offer and found a sunflower pattern. 

 I couldn’t believe it.  This was my first attempt to stray away from a pattern in quilting.  It didn’t take me long to NOT follow a pattern.  It turned out to be my favorite set.  

I am glad to report that they have been used so much it is almost time to make new ones.  (Maybe next Christmas)