Toddler Quilt


Inspiration for this quilt, my grandson was all about Lion King and the Disney show The Lion Guard which was Simba’s son and his friends keeping the pride lands safe.  Found this panel at along with the arrow minky backing.  The bright colors around were all scraps that I had on hand.  The pattern I chose was from a quilt pattern that I downloaded from, Quilt Addicts Anonymous block of the month 2015 – April.  I thought it kind of looked like a flag of pride around it.  The corners came from matching fabric that I also made sheets and a pillowcase from.  The quilting part of this project was the most difficult to decide.  I chose to make it look like the the young cub was an applique and did a 1.5 length and 3 width zigzag around most with corresponding colors.  The wavy lines around him I hoped would resemble clouds… Not sure I pulled that one off.