Trick or Treat Bags for the Grandkids

Trick or treat bag
trick or treat bag blake

Halloween…  as a kid I was never a fan.  I don’t know why.  I was never much for dress up, so much pressure to pick the best costume, and trying to get the makeup off, I thought my skin was coming off with it.  That was 40 or so years ago.  Things have changed and my grand-babies LOVE Halloween!!  The oldest being 9 now I knew I needed to get on the stick and make their very own trick or treat bags.  I have this great alphabet book that has 140 Alphabets (Jon Link below), So cool, so helpful!  One is a Halloween lettering. I picked my fabric first. ( Jon link below) has the biggest selection and even though I need to buy a yard it never seems to go to waste.  I decided to go with Disney characters and Snoopy.  Soon they will think they are getting too old for such things.  I picked the color I wanted to pop out of the fabric.  For instance my granddaughter loves pink so of course I matched the beautiful fuchsia in the fabric.  I wanted the bags to hold LOADS of CANDY so their parents could go through the same fun as my husband and I did 15 – 20 years ago.  The sugar rush ( yes mom, that is a thing 🙂 ) the nausea, and then trying figure out what to do with ALL those lollipops and tootsie rolls…the chocolate Jon and I took care of when my girls were done.  The bags are 13”x20”.  My granddaughter’s actually dragged but it was full.  I did not bother with a lining, after all it is used 1 night of the year, however, if my granddaughter is going to drag hers maybe I should add a leather bottom.  

Since I made these we have been Blessed with another granddaughter.  Already working on hers so she won’t have to wait 9 years for her grandmother to finish. I will update when finished.