Butterfly Bookmarks

I found this pattern years ago and fell in love with the indigo butterflies and pink and blue hydrangeas. I haven’t taken any time to make anything for myself lately because of all my beautiful grand-kids.  I would rather make them something that they “like” now and will treasure when I am gone.  With that being said, Jon and I were on a road trip visiting my mother-in-law and I didn’t want to take my “big” cross stitch project on the road so I brought this pattern along, thinking “I am not really going to have time for this”.  But as it happens, we were sitting quietly in her family room watching Star Wars, I don’t remember which one.  Just REALLY surprised that that was what she wanted to watch, I whipped out my little unopened bag and started up!  Surprisingly I was almost done with my first one before we returned home.  I loved it so much I immediately started in on the next.  Once they were stitched I had to decide how to finish them.  I don’t like the stitching on the back being exposed.  Especially on a bookmark.  More times than not mine ends up on the floor.  I went to my “stash” and picked out 3 or 4 fabrics that might work, settled on 2.  I really loved the indigo color of the butterflies so I wanted to bring that out as much as possible and picked these 2 blues.  I made a casing to sew the bookmarks onto, matched the outline cross stitch so it can’t be seen and voila’, done!  To take my picture, of course I had to include my absolute favorite book, “Take Her” by Midnight Taylor, my beautiful and intelligent daughter!  I keep the smaller one in my Bible and the larger one I use.  I have some pretty big books and this one does not get lost!!

Butterfly bookmarks