Witch’s Hat 2014

Witch Hat

For many years I subscribed to Just Cross Stitch magazine.  This design was in an autumn issue as you could probably guess.  I loved how whimsical and colorful it was.  I went to Golden Needle in Port Charlotte, Fl to find the right linen to cross stitch on.  When I finished the end of the hat looked unfinished.  I decided to make a tassel out of the floss that was used in the design.  Purple and green.  I knew I wanted to hang it on a dow pin so I proceeded to add a backing and bind the edges with two different black and lime green material I already had on hand.  I cut the edge fabric at different lengths to give it a continuing whimsical look.  I then decided I would go to Hobby Lobby in Fort Myers, FL to get my dow pin.  All the Halloween items were 60% off as Halloween had already past.  I thought I would walk through just to see what was left.  I saw this sparkling broom!  “It would match perfectly” I said probably a little louder than needed to be.  I snatched it up and continued to look.  Low and behold there was was the EEK sign with all the right colors.  This is one of my favorite things that I have made.  I love autumn and the colors anyway but this really brightens up, what I consider, a Hallmark day.